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  • Kod produktu: 05-0010
  • Dostępność: Brak w magazynie

14 zł

This is the item your penis has been waiting for, this realistic extender adds an extra couple of inches of penetrative length to your member, not to mention a delicious single-speed tingle behind the balls courtesy of the removable bullet. Ease it down your eager manhood and then penetrate your partner as usual and watch their eyes pop out of their head! Real-feel veins and a protruding head add magic to every thrust for wall-clawing mania. Desensitized inside the sleeve, you'll last even longer than usual for a slower build up to a better finish. Use with plenty of water-based lube inside and out.
Kategorie Nakładki/Przedłużki
Kolor Przezroczysty
Materiał TPR
RozmiarDługość (mm) 140
RozmiarŚrednica (mm) 39
Wibracja TAK
Zasilanie BRAK

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